We help long-cycle businesses generate
new demand by predicting business
outcomes from website user behavior

We help you optimize Facebook & Google Ads
for bottom-of-the-funnel results (Sales or LTV), not CPA or micro-conversions.
We work best for Real Estate, Financial Services, SaaS or EdTech

Targeting - targeting

Use audiences optimized for expected lifetime value. Target new visitors with high intent, create value-based seeds for look-alikes, and retarget right recent visitors

Optimization - optimization

Leverage smart bidding from Ad Platforms that will learn 10x-30x faster how to bring high intent new and returning visitors, and pay only for incremental customer lifetime value and business outcomes

Measurement - measurement

Learn true ROI for channels, campaigns, and ads using the real-time post-click predictive attribution model based on behavioral first-party data

Insights - insights

Guide Major Ad Platforms’ smart bidding to learn how to bring new and returning high-intent visitors 10-30x faster. Pay only for incremental value and business outcomes

Our platform provides the biggest efficiency gains for businesses that have:

Narrow target audience

Think of B2B/SaaS, affluent/high-net-worth customers, and “precisely timed purchases” like you shop for insurance only once a year or you buy a new house or car every few years

Large and variable transactions

You sell multiple products with different economics to similar customers like in EdTech or your customer lifetime value is driven by after-purchase behaviour like in Banking

Significant offline component

You offer high-value and/or complex products that require human-to-human interaction – like a test drive for a new car or an open house

Long sales cycle

It is hard to close the feedback loop with Ad Platforms when the actual purchase is days, weeks or even months away from website visit. Our platform solves that

Smarter than smart bidding!

We use behavioral first-party data from your website and machine learning to predict your future sales and customer LTVs

We turn your website into e‑commerce
from an Ad Platform perspective, allowing you to:

Unlock smart bidding

even for B2B and smaller businesses/advertisers

Help the Ad Platforms train 10-30x faster

compared to the conventional approach with infrequent transactions

Link Ad efficiency directly to your actual business results

not “noisy” or “biased” online microconversions

Enable 10x faster and cheaper A/B tests

allowing you to test more hypotheses quicker and easier

Save a lot of time and effort

by eliminating unnecessary workload like managing cost-per-click bids manually campaign by campaign

Our platform is a game-changer

Check out the examples below

  • - 5x lower CPL 5x lower
  • - 3x higher ROI 3x higher
  • - 5x lower budget 5x lower
  • - revenue growth, same ROI 1.7х
    revenue growth,
    same ROI

Showcases predictive targeting and optimization

Showcases predictive targeting and optimization
Client type:

Facebook Lead Ads: 3-5x better quality of leads

Facebook Lead Ads:
3-5x better quality of leads
Client type:
Small online shop with wide product range
Facebook Lead Ads
Low quality leads with rare conversions into visits to office and sales later in the CRM funnel
Significant improvement conversion from leads to visits to office with only a minor increase of cost per lead
Facebook Lead Ads
Solution: segments for LTV based look-alikes and predictive dLTV attribution to manage spend between several dozen creatives
Cost per
Office visit
Cost per
Control ad campaigns launched by Client are taken as 100%
Cost per purchase
Cost per office visit
Ad campaign without
Similar ad campaign using  during the same period of time
Results of A/B-tests
Control ad campaign launched by client are taken as 100%

Try us – it is easy to start!

Proof of concept project takes 3-4 months.
Configuration is as simple as 1 2 3. How it works?

Set up pixel collects online data. CRM feed with offline transactions. Ad Platform integration via APIs
1-2 weeks
Data collection &
models training
The goal is to collect 100-300 “positive outcomes” to train machine learning models
4 weeks
«Live» launch in Facebook/Google
“Dry run” in Facebook and Google, measurement and predictive attribution results are ready
2 weeks
A/B tests
Controlled experiments to measure incremental performance uplift across platforms, channels and campaigns
4 weeks

Our Team

Founder & CEO Konstantin Bayandin

  • ex-MarTech at Compass (NYSE: COMP)
  • ex-CMO at Ozon (NASDAQ: OZON)
  • ex-BCG (Boston Consulting Group)
  • Stanford MBA
  • MSc in Theoretical Physics

Dmitry Popov

  • ex-Fortune Global 500 executive
  • ex-McKinsey
  • startup investor and advisor
  • Stanford GSB (executive education)
  • Higher School of Economics (Moscow)

Tech Lead Roman Kirsanov

  • 15+ years in software development
  • seasoned tech founder and CTO
  • ex-Eng lead at Ozon (NASDAQ: OZON)
  • distinguished software architect

Sales Francis Ikhine

  • 5+ years in B2B Sales
  • Eurovision сontestant from Ukraine

Sales Yulia Kostina

  • 3+ years in digital marketing
  • Launched special projects for Philips Morris International NYSE: PM
  • Deakin University alumni (Melbourne, Australia)

Marketing Olesya Akimenko

  • 5+ years of B2B marketing
  • ex-CMO Freedom Finance (NASDAQ: FRHC)
  • Higher School of Economics (Moscow)

Tech Product Ayrat Mardanov

  • 5+ years in Digital Marketing
  • ex-Marketing Analytics Lead at Cian
  • MSc in Physics

Data Science
Andrey Sapronov

  • 17+ years in data analysis
  • ex-lead data analyst at Yandex
  • ex-data scientist at Rubbles
  • Ph.D. in high energy physics (CERN, JINR)

UX/UI Julia Angilova

  • 5+ years of bizops management
  • 8+ years in Product Management
  • seasoned tech entrepreneur
  • Computer science degree

Customer Success Andrey Kuzmichev

  • 15+ years in Digital Marketing
  • ex-Head of Client Acquisition at AlfaBank
  • ex-Digital Marketing and Personalization lead at Ozon (NASDAQ: OZON)
  • Computer science degree
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