Generate New Demand
Based on Your Customers'
Behavioral Data

Predictive audiences of high-value users
for retargeting and look-alikes that don’t burn out

Identify the Users
Bringing in the Most Revenue

Typically 10% of users bring in 80-90% of revenue. Build your retargeting and look-alike audiences based on the predicted value the visitor, instead of a set of arbritrarily predefined rules. predicts the revenue of each website visitor and buckets visitors with the similar value together. In the example above, we identified 10% of the users generating 93% of the revenue.

Leverage the Predictive Engine

to Target Valuable In-Market Audiences
in Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Predictive retargeting

Boost impact from users who have
shown high interest in your product
during website visits

Maximize value

Retarget visitors with a high
probability to buy

Predictive look-alikes

Attract valuable prospects who aren’t
familiar with your product yet


Find potential clients
in right-now buying mode


Grow cold targeting audiences
with high probability to buy

Retarget to Prospects, Not Visitors predicts the probability of purchase and its value for each new visitor
and groups the visitors with the similar predicted values into segments.

Traditional Rule-Based Retargeting

  • Users who have completed a set of predefined actions
  • Human-identified features are not exhaustive – some valuable audiences are missed when the analysis is done manually
  • Chasing users who will never buy

Advanced Value-Based Retargeting

  • Machine learning models identifies high-value audiences
  • Retarget users with a high probability to buy
  • Reduce ad spend 
  • Allocate budget to high-value prospects

Use Category-Sensititve Retargeting
for E-Commerce

Combine the power of category targeting in paid ads and search ads with value-based retargeting to assess the likelihood of buying a particular product. Track customer demand and adjust it on a per-product basis.   

Calculate the Efficiency of the
Predictive Targeting Implementation

I want more sales with
the same retargeting budget
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budget, keeping the sales volume
Revenue from retargeting campaigns
Retargeting spend
Your revenue after implementing predictive targeting, subtracting the costs for
Revenue from retargeting campaigns
Retargeting spend
Your spend after implementing predictive targeting, subtracting the costs for
Let us identify the top-10% of the visits,
responsible for 85% of your revenue
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Generate Predictive Look-Alike Audiences

Quick results with one click audience creation for all advertising platforms

Create predictive audiences with one click on instead of manually uploading contacts to each advertising platform.

Create look-alike audiences based on website visitor segments in

Forward-looking predictions instead of backward-looking facts

Use predictive insights to focus on the future user value, rather than analyzing the past.

For example, to sell a home, avoid creating a look-alike audience based on those who have just bought one. Instead, use AI to create a seed audience similar to those who are in the buying mode now. 

Comparing real-life data with the accuracy of predictions in the dashboards.

Apply various models to capture the most valuable clients

Don’t miss out on high-value clients who didn’t make it into the standard seed audience.

The goal of quality look-alike targeting is not to exclude unsuitable audiences but rather to capture the most valuable ones, while controlling the audience size. runs multiple AI models for training at once varying data sources, collection period, or other custom filters. Choose the model that performs best.
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