Get At Least 15% Lower CAC
On Meta And Google

Start using Predictive Website Visitor and Inbound Lead Scoring
to optimize your paid and organic funnels today

How it works helps high-ticket e-commerce and leadgen/long-cycle businesses

  1. We analyze user behavior on your website and in your mobile app
  2. We don’t settle for superficial Google/Adobe Analytics data
  3. We match website visits with sales and other funnel steps from your CRM
  4. Run ML models to identify behavioral patterns of high-value visitors
  5. Predict a specific propensity to buy and 30-90 day LTV for all website visitors (even anonymous ones) and leads in near real-time
  6. Feed those predictions back into ad platforms, your CRM and analytics tools
  7. Watch CAC go down and revenue go up (mostly on autopilot) stands for
4 pillars of digital marketing

Create value-based audiences in the dashboard and upload them to advertising platforms via Marketing API

Targeting is the quick win of predictive marketing.

When you switch from rule-based retargeting to value-based retargeting, you stop wasting money on visitors who will never buy and triple your ROAS

  • New audiences to target
  • Value-based seed audiences for look-alikes
  • Bid modifiers for Search Ads
  • x4 ROAS with value-based retargeting
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Predictive lead scoring is cool.
See the predictive power of your marketing data.

Accurate value-based scores for ad campaign optimization
and forward-looking attribution

First-Party Data
Behavioral Data
website, app
more than in Google Analytics
CRM Data
funnel steps,
revenue, LTV
Predictive Insight real-time predictive engine calculates

  1. probability to buy
  2. expected LTV for every website visitor
predictive engine
Google Cloud Platform
Positive Reinforcement Loop
& Audiences
Lead Scores
(B2B &B2C)

We are loved 💙

Evan H.
Digital Marketing Director
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
+84% sales and +35% ROAS after 8 weeks
May 25, 2023
What do you like best?

The team at Tomi takes full ownership of their work. The onboarding was easy and described (one of the few times a project timeline was kept!). This team knows what they are doing and has been an excellent resource for us – both from a human resource perspective but also as a tool in our digital marketing program.

Case studies

Real Estate
Display Ads
  • Not enough valuable events and property sales to optimize for LTV
- 47%
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First results in 2-3 months

Implementation is quick & simple

15 minutes
2-6 weeks
ML model
ML model
1-2 weeks
Depending on the sales cycle & how quickly
we can catch 100 positive outcomes

Our platform provides the biggest efficiency gains for businesses that have:

Narrow target audience

Think of B2B/SaaS, affluent/high-net-worth customers, and “precisely timed purchases” like you shop for insurance only once a year or you buy a new house or car every few years

Large and variable transactions

You sell multiple products with different economics to similar customers like in EdTech or your customer lifetime value is driven by after-purchase behaviour like in Banking

Significant offline component

You offer high-value and/or complex products that require human-to-human interaction – like a test drive for a new car or an open house

Long sales cycle

It is hard to close the feedback loop with Ad Platforms when the actual purchase is days, weeks or even months away from website visit. Our platform solves that

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