Dmitry Popov, CRO & Co-Founder
Dima Popov
CRO & Co-Founder,
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Advanced A/B-testing

How to find the message and creative
that will truly resonate with every segment
of your target audience

How to A/B-Test to Gain Understanding

Creativity and messaging are critically important for any aspect of marketing, demand generation, and sales. A/B testing used to rely mostly on intuition. Data was never enough. And with a good reason: collecting enough data for the results of an A/B test to be statistically significant was time-consuming and expensive.

As a result, proxy metrics such as CTR/CVR were used, rather than revenue and LTV. Modern machine learning technologies have transferred this from the realm of intuition to the realm of data-driven decision-making. Advanced machine learning has also created new opportunities that simply did not exist before.

Namely, you can now know for sure what EVERY segment of your target audience likes RIGHT NOW (not just the target audience as a whole).

And this won’t cost a lot of money and will take reasonable time.

In short,

Takeaway 1: Use a Bayesian calculator to measure statistical significance;

Takeaway 3: Don’t settle for CTR/CVR as a metric;

Takeaway 1: Think of a way to factor out the influence of the bidding algorithm of advertising platforms (or be prepared to spend a lot of money);

Takeaway 4: Implement website visitor scoring

Understanding the monetary value of each website visitor in near real-time is key to making A/B-testing affordable. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to achieve this without spending insane amounts of money and with minimal time investment.

Join us and take the first step towards becoming data-driven and achieving success in your marketing, demand generation, and sales efforts. Register now for the Advanced A/B-testing webinar to gain valuable insights and apply them to your project right away.

Dmitry Popov, CRO & Co-Founder
Dmitry Popov
CRO & Co-Founder
ex-Fortune Global 500 executive,
startup investor and advisor,
Stanford GSB