Аccurate Predictions of Purchase Value

Power All Tomi.ai Products

Predictive conversions are the center of Tomi.ai’s solution based on first-party and CRM data.

Tomi.ai analyzes user behavior on your website and matches it with their purchases’ value, subscription times, LTV (lifetime value), and other vital metrics.

The length of the sales cycle is not important. User behavior can be matched to the sales outcomes from the moment of the pixel installation, however, it does take a few weeks to “train” the models.

How do we predict purchase value?

By analyzing user behavior and comparing it to previous customer behavior, our ML (machine learning) models find thousands of patterns indicating the likelihood of a purchase and its size. The higher the purchase probability and order value, the higher the conversion value sent to the advertising platform, to show ads to users.

The Tomi.ai Dashboard Provides Actionable Insights
About the Value of Each Website Visit

Actual RPV
vs Percentile
Single-out visitors with the highest probability to buy
Actual RPV vs
Predicted RPV
Verify the correlation between actual and the predicted values
Cumulative Sales vs
Cumulative Visits
Identify the top 10% of the visits that bring 85% of your revenue

API Integration

Tomi.ai integrates with ad platforms via marketing APIs to send predictive conversions or audiences. This ensures advertising platforms get the data fast and saves you from manual uploads. You can check the quality of the data in the Tomi.ai Dashboard.

Predictive conversions

A predictive conversion is your ideal conversion event with a real monetary value for Google and Meta campaigns. The Tomi.ai ML model frequently and automatically sends new predictive conversion data. 

Use it as an optimization target.

Predictive audiences

A predictive audience is a list of scored visitors to your website grouped into buckets, depending on their value.

Use it as a seed audience for look-alikes or retargeting.

Let us identify the top-10% of the visits,
responsible for 85% of the revenue
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