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2022 was a year of great growth for Our customers gained access to product dashboards, we expanded the list of advertising platforms for optimization, and implemented 15-minutes integrations with GA4sm and HubSpot.

Here’s a summary of our quarter-by-quarter progress:

Quarter 1

Track the quality of sent events sends both actual and predictive conversions to advertising platforms. Track the volume, rate, and transfer status of all conversions on the project health page.

Send CRM feeds to the repository

Sales data for ML training can now be transferred from your CRM and stored in’s repository in an encrypted form.

Monitor the performance of A/B tests in the updated dashboard

Test and control campaign data and its delta from a single dashboard. Compare the real-life data and the accuracy of predictions.

Quarter 2

Model Registry Implementation

Run multiple AI models for training at once, varying data sources, collection periods, or other custom filters. Choose the most powerful model for sending data to advertising platforms.

Check out our new attribution report

Evaluate the true performance of your advertising channels and if your attribution model is consistent with the channel’s actual impact on sales.

Quarter 3

AUC TOC chart implementation

The AUC TOC (Area Under Curve Total Operating Characteristic) metric is, in simple terms, the quality of the model. Watch its trends on the charts or study the detailed data in the tables. If quality is dropping, it’s time to think about updating the model!

Create audiences in Meta

Click-of-the-button fast creation process for retargeting and look-alike audiences for value-based ad campaign optimization based on first-party and product data.

View the Knowledge Base to gain better insights into predictive reporting

Maps for quick integration, interpretations of indicators, tutorials for studying statistics, and instructions for understanding predictive reports.

Quarter 4

Switch between models to view their quality

Compare the performance of AI models trained on your data and choose the most efficient one.

Direct upload of lead scores into your CRM

Rate the quality of incoming leads to balance the workload within your sales team.

View Contact list, Leads and Sales in A/B Test Charts

Zoom in to see the value of each user and each session in the predictive attribution and A/B test reports.


Thank you for choosing us in 2022 and let’s rock it in 2023!