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Facebook CAPI

Both tools increase the efficiency of advertising
campaigns with more data. accelerates learning with predictive
outcomes so you get quicker results at a lower cost. Facebook CAPI
Improves Data Quality
the Learning Phase
Tracks Offline
Conversions with Value
Facebook CAPI and Are Booster Services

installed in addition to the Facebook Pixel to reduce the cost per goal, they will:

Reduce the risk of losing data from iOS and ad blockers
Improve the quality of optimization events
Track offline conversions with CRM integrations
Increase the attribution window of data transfer
Facebook Pixel
  • Unique Pixel ID for identification within Facebook Ads
  • Basic conversion data transfer tool
  • Transfers browser-based user data

Must install to work with Facebook Ads

Facebook CAPI
  • Improves tracking of advertising effectiveness – every conversion is visible, including iOS and ad block users
  • Tracks offline conversion values
  • Measures the effectiveness of ads in achieving desired actions
  • Sends user data to the server

Advanced solution, Add-on
  • 10 times more data for training Facebook with predictive conversions
  • Provides valuable optimization signals for anonymous users
  • Lower cost per action in Facebook Ads due to personalized bidding for each user
  • Calculates the incremental value of each touchpoint
  • Same platform and dashboard for Facebook and Google

Predictive solution, rocket science

More Conversions with
More Conversions with

The main difference between and the Facebook CAPI is the amount of data sent. sends thousands of predictive conversions with unique values, even from anonymous users.

The additional data provided by predictive conversions accelerates training and reduces the cost of training so you achieve optimized results in record time.

How Works
A significant source of data in is predictive conversions.
  1. Analyzes user behavior on your website with our patented pixel
  2. Matches it with purchase values, subscription times, LTV and any other key metrics
  3. Runs machine learning on this data to calculate predictive conversions

The length of the sales cycle is not important. User behavior can be matched to the sales outcomes from the moment of the pixel installation.

How does predict the customer value?
How does predict the customer value?

By analyzing user behavior and comparing it to previous customer behavior, our AI models find hundreds of patterns indicating the likelihood of a purchase and its size.

The higher the purchase probability → the higher the conversion amount sent to the advertising platform → the higher the bid rate assigned to show ads to similar users.

Let us identify the top-10% of the visits, responsible
for 85% of the revenue for your business
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Compare and the Facebook CAPI Facebook CAPI
Performance Enhances the amount and accuracy of data used to train ad platforms with predictive conversions
Improves data quality
Price For a feeFree
Transition to value-based bidding
Fast and cost-effective experiments
Upload and create audiences
Improve measurement attribution
Value-based conversions
Accelerates campaign learning time
Data quality
Data transfer to all platforms at once