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Discover the differences between and 6sense.
This comparison guide will help you decide
which tool suits best your acquisition strategy. and 6sense help sales and marketing teams improve performance at several stages of the funnel helps advertising platforms find and deliver ads to high-value prospects in a privacy-conscious way. Reach out to prospects that advertising platforms find for you.

 6sense identifies target accounts and delivers a personalized message in all channels, including advertising platforms. Precision targeting for identified accounts. 

Compare is a more affordable, adaptable solution designed for driving customer awareness and acquisition.

  Company type Industries Monthly marketing budgets Strategies Interaction Stage SME, Enterprise B2C, B2B $50 000 + Adapts to your strategy Awareness and Acquisition
Less for Retention
6sense Enterprise B2B $1 000 000 + ABM Acquisition and Retention
Less for Awareness
Company type
SME, Enterprise Enterprise
B2C, B2B B2B
Monthly marketing budgets
$50 000 + $1 000 000 +
Adapts to your strategy ABM
Interaction Stage
Awareness and Acquisition
Less for Retention
Acquisition and Retention
Less for Awareness
How we differ

6sense is an ABM platform that combines first, second, and third-party data to achieve results. The service sends ultra-precise targeting to different advertising platforms while accounting for user behavior on your site.

By finding and ultra-segmenting the right users, the system analyzes the buying potential of all inbound leads and then guides them through processing via customized emails and retargeted ads. 

6sense creates personalized marketing strategies for identified decision makers.

This strategy works best when your target client is a high-level decision-maker, and you have large budgets  for reaching the particular person.

Working with this service, you identify users with a specific set of attributes that match your ICP. Once you find them, you “chase” them through different social media and search engine platforms with personalized promotional offers. Once the user leaves a platform, the second stage of personalization begins. The system will show unique retargeted ads and send a set of warming emails to build trust. is a targeting and campaign optimization tool that helps advertising platforms
find new high-value prospects for your business.
We do not tell ad platforms who to show ads to and who to bring to the site

We train advertising platforms and have them bring in new users similar to your existing high-value customers.

Your audiences stay energized and grow with the flow of data.

We do not use third-party data

Data collection is simplified and sustainable by sticking to first-party data from your CRM and website.

We do not show personalized ads or write customized emails doesn’t necessarily reduce the size of your audience. Our ML models identify high-value attributes, so you can cast a wider, high-quality net to raise awareness and capture new customers.

This approach allows you to use to generate new demand and discover new audiences regardless of the industry you’re in. We can identify high-value prospects among your website visitors and train  advertising platforms to bring you more of those.

Predictive conversions

Predictive conversions are the center of’s unique solution based on first-party and CRM data. analyzes user behavior on your website and matches it with their purchases’ value, subscription times, LTV (lifetime value), and other vital metrics.

The length of the sales cycle is not important. User behavior can be matched to the sales outcomes from the moment of the pixel installation.

How do we predict purchase value?

By analyzing user behavior and comparing it to previous customer behavior, our ML (machine learning) models find thousands of patterns indicating the likelihood of a purchase and its size. The higher the purchase probability and order value, the higher the conversion value sent to the advertising platform, which increases the rate assigned to show ads to similar users.

The dashboard provides actionable insights about the
value of each website visit
Actual RPV vs
Single-out visitors with the highest propensity to buy
Actual RPV vs
Predicted RPV
Check a good correlation between the actual and the predicted value
Cumulative Sales vs
Cumulative Visits
Identify the top-10% of the visits that bring 85% of the revenue
Let us identify the top-10% of the visits, responsible
for 85% of the revenue for your business
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