Data Scientist

Location: Remote
Deadline: 1 Sep 2021

What does the day-to-day of Data Scientist at look like:

Every day we strive to train our models to even more accurately predict the probabilities of purchases from our customers. To achieve this goal, we perform the following tasks:

  • conducting research and creating models in the following areas: forecasting demand, the likelihood of conversion, the effects of promotions, and other changes as a result of the use of various marketing tools;
  • data analysis, finding ways to improve the quality of models, generating and testing hypotheses;
  • bringing models to use in production, maintaining their performance and quality metrics;
  • work together with other researchers and Big Data engineers and collaborate with Product Managers to achieve superior results.

What does the ideal candidate look like:

  • excellent data skills in Python / SQL / BigQuery;
  • experience in the development of ML-algorithms (classification / regression, tree forests, neural networks, recommender systems) from 3 years;
  • experience with Google Cloud, understanding the principles of microservice architecture;
  • industrial development experience in Python with a focus on machine learning, data manipulation, and API writing (from 3 years);
  • experience with libraries pandas, scikit-learn, xgboost, tensorflow;
  • the ability to understand and modify existing code;
  • team player, confident, “getting things done”, independent, passionate and enthusiastic!


We believe that building a great product and a great company starts with finding amazing people. At you meet interesting, professional, and passionate people who really love what they do.

  • we are open to new technologies and solutions, replacing complex things with simple ones. We do not have long formal agreements and strict vertical relationships;
  • each team member influences the success of, so everyone has the opportunity to become a co-owner of the company;
  • we have no grades. The salary of each employee is set individually, based on the results of the interview;
  • it doesn’t matter what country and what city you live in. Our team works remotely.

If you are interested in our idea, our values ​​are close and you have the appropriate experience, knowledge, and skills, then: “Welcome to the team!”